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smile posted this 11 July 2017

The use of RFID on metal requires special UHF RFID tag. there are Metal-Mount UHF Tags from OPRFID technical in several variations, different sizes and ranges.

High temperature Metal tag FR4 UHF Metal Tag UHF metal label
High temperature Metal tag FR4 UHF metal Tag UHF Metal Label
mini uhf metal tag UHF Ceramic Tag Long Distance UHF Metal Tags
Mini uhf metal tag UHF Ceramic Tag Long Distance UHF Metal Tag

    Metal causes interference with RFID tags, causing loss of performance and a lower read range. That is why OPRFID Technology provides a range of special Metal-Mount UHF Tags, to ensure you a better use in optimum conditions in and on metal.
    Whether you are looking for small size or long reading distances, you will find in this range metal tags from 5×5 mm that can be inserted in the metal, up to 170 mm for a long-range reading.
    Enjoy Expanded memory capacity chips with Fujitsu MB97R803A, EM MICROELECTRONIC 4325, …
    The range of Metal-Mount UHF Tags offer different ways of fixing: by integrated gluing (3M) or riveting / screwing.

    OPRFID Technology provides UHF(ultra high frequency) RFID Metal-Mount Tags for Warehouse management, automatic process management, Asset management, Vehicle and transportation management, Gas/oil drilling tool and security management, Weapon tracking management, ETC(Electronic toll collection), Anti fake management, Government inspection management, Production management, mold management, Logistic tracking management, IT asset management, Cylinder tracking, Valuable anti-fake and tracing management, supply chain management, ATM/cash box management, Event management, Railway station management, server checking and repairing management, government inspection management, Grid Asset and repairing management, CCB library asset management, direct broadcasting asset management, Collars and rollers tracing, Routing inspection, Cows/Sheep/Pigs or other animals slaughtering and so on.

A question? Contact us, to help you choose the most suitable products for your project!
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* No matter which metal Tag ,OPRFID technical will find just the right RFID application that fits to you and your company structure perfectly. All available UHF Metal Tag you will find by visiting our Website Do not hesitate to send us your inquiry. Our sales manager will be gladly assist you.

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smartohRFID posted this 12 September 2017

UHF Inlay : Label Sticker


IC: Alien/Higgs3

Substrate: PET

Amtemma Process : Aluminum(AL10um)

Protocal: ISO/IEC 18000-6C,EPC Class1 Gen2

Frequency: 860-960MHZ

Write Cycles: 100.000

Inlay Format: In roll or single piece

Application: Supply Chain, Inventory, Logistics, Apparel, Retail, Returnable Transport Units...

UHF inlays & sticker offer leading performance and memory options. Each inlay or sticker has a unique TID and a broadband RFID antenna design that enables end-users to reach and sustain consistently high levels of performance in all UHF frequency regions globally with the same inlays. This represents critical competitive and logistical advantages for any fast-moving consumer goods company with manufacturing, distribution and customers located in different parts of the world. The same UHF inlays can be used by the manufacturer, the logistics service provider and the retailer, to track and identify products accurately and cost-efficiently throughout the supply chain at item level.


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Post Edited 12 September 2017